We are thrilled to announce the release of Sky Guide version 8, a free update bringing stunning performance gains, refreshing looks, UX improvements and exciting features for power-users. What’s inside the box, you ask?

So Metal 🤘

Completely re-engineered to harness the power of Metal—Apple's high performance graphics system—Sky Guide 8 has the smoothest graphics you've ever seen in a stargazing app. Now you can experience a fluid 120FPS on supported devices.

New Looks

We figured the smooth performance should be paired with smooth looks. Enjoy a new dune-inspired horizon terrain illuminated by a dynamic sky.

AR Improvements

This version improves the tracking, low-light performance and focus quality in AR mode.

New Objects Added

Added asteroids Ryugu, ‘Oumuamua, 1999 KW4, and comet C/2017 T2 (PANSTARRS).

New for SUPERMASSIVE subscribers

Ultrawide zoom lets you see a planisphere-style full sky view. We've also added a field of view indicator.

And (of course) Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug which prevented some users from receiving event notifications. Sorry about that one!

Head over to the App Store and update your version of Sky Guide today!