Discover the stars night or day

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For the explorer in everyone.

A window to the stars has never been more beautiful and easy to use. Sky Guide lets you experience the wonders of the night in ways you’ve only dreamed of.

Your sky, within reach.

Is it a star or a planet? Learning what’s in your sky is effortless. Hold Sky Guide up and it automatically aligns itself to your surroundings.

Beautiful, rich content.

Stunning graphics and original artwork await you, from constellation mythology to hundreds of illustrated and cross-linked articles.


Made from over 37,000 real photographs, Sky Guide shows you millions of stars—not just a few thousand simulated points—for an authentic view that you can capture and share with friends.

A delight for ears, too.

An interactive soundscape lets you listen to the stars and discover their properties. Sky Guide gives the ‘music of the spheres’ a whole new meaning.

Useful anywhere.

Sky Guide works even without a GPS or data signal and contains built-in access to hundreds of articles no matter where you are.

HDR gestures.

Dynamically control sky brightness levels to match your local conditions.